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See what the Gallery’s artists can teach you!



What is a Giclée?

Raku/Saggar Ceramic Firing Processes – Donna & Gary Claggett (former gallery members)

Donation Advice for Artists & Charities – Co-authored by Ann Ranlett


Past Newsletter Issues



– Art Supplies

Blick Studio/Dick Blick

Cheap Joe’s


Daniel Smith

Jerry’s Artarama

SuperWarehouse – Inkjet printer paper & more

Clear Bags – Clear plastic bags/boxes for cards, prints, etc.,  envelopes

– Framing Supplies

Omega Moulding

United Manufacturers Supply


Printing Services

49er Printing (in Auburn)




Art Organizations, Publications & Discussion Groups

PlacerArts  & PlacerArts Artist Directory

Art League of Lincoln

Blue Line Arts

Professional Artist Magazine – excellent publication with advice for artists: marketing, positive thinking and also an extensive list of shows – gallery listings – a “community for artists” – offers free twice weekly e-mails on various art-related topics – on-line art community – forums, photo reference library, demos, etc.

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