How Do They Do It?

We thought it would be fun to get to know something about our artists here at AOTG. As information becomes available we will write a little about each artist in the gallery.

So here are nine artists and how they do what they do so well!

Sandy Lindblad~Painter

“When I work, I like to listen to music. I usually create several paintings at once. I like to go back and forth between paintings taking them to different stages, whether I’m working on a commission or creating a painting for a show. And during breaks from my art, I play with my animals.”

Carol Bellamy~Wire Artist

“My art consists of one line of wire bent and twisted on itself translating the original design into it’s wire counterpart. Along with the freedom to follow my own rules I can do my creating almost anywhere. All I need is a spool of wire and my needle nose pliers and a chair.”

Chris Foster~Painter/Calligrapher

“I work alone in my studio. Usually on three or four paintings at a time. One speaks to the next. I stand at a drafting table. Music playing in he background. Sometimes I dance.”

Meg Black-Smith~Jeweler

“I work out of my home in my studio, often listening to music. I have windows that look out into the trees, garden and sky. I like going into a sort of trance and just working away with no interruptions.”

Stacey Lamothe~Jeweler

“I use a multi-step metal-working process to make my art involving various tools like my trusty torch, saw and an arsenal of other gadgets that help me create on a daily basis.”

Doug Parks~Photographer

“I am lucky enough that my artwork requires that I am in nature to capture her beauty.”

Patty Pieropan-Dong~Painter/Printmaker

“Love of the process of painting. Observation and inspiration. Practice. My Mother was a wonderful artist. It has always been part of my life.”

Connie Rodriguez~Painter

“I love going out to my studio. I seem to be ready to get my brushes in paint whenever I get out there. I never bring an devices, cell phone, etc. so that when I paint I am lost in time. I love looking at art; I feel inspired to paint and I just start creating. I usually paint on 2 or 3 canvases at a time, as I need to wait until layers dry to add others. I also start with titles, and write them down when a great title comes my way. Nature is a big inspiration for me. Being in nature and with nature is a spiritual experience. I am energized by being outdoors and grateful to live in such a beautiful part of our country.”

Susan Stoll~Photographer

“I am a photographer. My work primarily features macro digital images of nature. My pursuits in photography are a means of sharing the beauty, patterns, and intricacies found in nature.”


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