How Do They Do It? Part 2

Five more artists are ready to tell you how they do what they do. We hope you find this interesting and it gets your curiosity up. Stop by the gallery any day of the week to explore the works of our many talented artists.

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And read on to find out more about us…

Ann Ranlett, MSA, Scratchboard Artist

I am an artist and illustrator specializing in pet, animal and nature subjects rendered in scratchboard. I am photographer too, looking for unique perspectives of the natural world. Because I love animals and nature, and have always been fascinated by these subjects, I relish the challenge of capturing my subjects in art, whether it’s the personality of the pet or the texture of a leaf. I work with photos. I try to take the photos myself, if at all possible. Doing so helps me understand my subjects better.


Judy Butler, Fused Glass Artist

I love the vibrant colors of fused glass that lend to my whimsical designs. I purchase large sheets of colored glass. I cut the sheets to create images, layer the glass, and then place it into a kiln. In the kiln it is heated anywhere from 1375 degrees to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature determines what the texture of the glass will be. The process of heating and cooling the glass can take approximately 24 hours as the glass needs to be treated gently to avoid thermal shock. The glass can be cut and layered numerous times depending on the desired end result.

The primary theme in my work is whimsy. I especially enjoy creating animals and depicting them with animal friends. For example, a cat and a dog riding in a car. My slogan is, “Fused Glass Designed to Make You Smile”.


Dana Bilello-Barrows, Fine Ceramic Artist

I look at various mediums i.e., architecture or nature, and try to figure out how I can express that ideas, that movement, or feeling in clay. I try not to limit my expression as an artist to one medium.  I want to experience it all, but I always come back to the clay. Those experimentations often show up in the clay. I am always asking,”How can I realize that texture, emotion, movement, energy, or tactile feeling in clay.”

I create decorative fine ceramic vessels, wall installations, and totems. My work is mostly made with porcelain clays. The surfaces are finished using organic materials, and various naked raku techniques. I also create work that is very tactile and begs the viewer to touch and interact. Each vessel is unique and cannot be duplicated.


Matt Konar, Painter & Illustrator

Konar’s work is both light and dark in subject, approaching at every turn the whimsical and the mischievous.  He uses he canvas as a stage to capture moments of love and heroism, as well as times of human folly. His characters come from real life, from songs, from poems and from stories. All the stories take place under a starry sky with the drama of the constellations. Unexpected details are presented through the book on a shelf, the image of a mirror, the wallpaper pattern, an individual leaf, and many other visual gestures waiting to be unlocked by the viewer.

His technique of using glaze creates colors that are deep, rich and vibrant. There is a profound sense of mystery, nuance, symbolism and timelessness in the scenes he depicts.

Of his process Konar says, ‘I work mostly in oils and the progress of each work is slow and sometimes tedious – my oils are built with glaze upon glaze, and detail upon detail. For me technique and investment of time are always subservient to achieving the final effect in the painting. I’m driven by and find my greatest satisfaction in what I create as a final work and not the process.’


Stacy Pedri, Photographer

I like being out and about finding interesting things to capture with my camera in that moment in time or in the place I find myself. I usually travel for my work, but can also find something local or even in my yard that catches my eye. Old treasures, landscapes, animals, or other things of nature help me interpret a specific time, place, or feeling. My biggest pursuit is animals, especially in the wild. My favorite place to bring my camera is Bodie. I like peace and quiet so being out with my camera is actually helpful to me. My dream project would be to drive a motorhome taking photos along the way as we travel the highways and small roads of the US.


We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about some of the fabulous artists of Auburn Old Town Gallery.

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