Flora and Fauna at Auburn Old Town Gallery!

Our Gallery is bursting with images of our beautiful natural world!  Flowers, animals, landscapes, and more!  Come in and smell the flowers!  This show runs through the end of April, Reception is April 7, 6-9.  Here are just a few examples of the amazing art on display!

Mixed Media 16"x20"

Mixed Media

“Renewal”, Mixed Media by Chris Foster

A Giclee Mischling 16x20 v2

“Mischling Poppies, by Matt Konar

Ranlett - Sleeping Patterns

“Sleeping Patterns”, scratchboard by Ann Ranlett

Ranlett - Height of Grace      “Grace”, scratchboard by Ann Ranleleaves-oak-smallleaves-maple

“Oak Leaves” and “Maple Leaves” , by Stacey Lamothe


“Meadowlark” by Diane Tharp


cherie 3  Cherie 2

Art you can wear!  Jewelry by Cherie Danzer

Cherie Stoll

Photography:  Passionflower and Lotus by Susan Stoll



Yellow Flowers by Sonja Hamilton


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