Susan Polstra

Susan Polstra
expresses the beauty that surrounds her through both photography and watercolors. The two mediums go hand in hand for her since she uses her photography as a basis for her paintings. However, she often ends up framing and selling the photography or combining the two mediums in a montage. People have become her favorite subject matter and she is interested in the interactions that tell a story or evoke an emotion. She is lucky to catch a moment in time by photographing that special instance, then relating that moment in a painting. Symbolism has also entered into her repertoire where the background subject matter and/or persons represent universal themes.

Lately Susan has been drawn more to the abstract, using alternative photography for her landscapes. While her landscape paintings are more free-form, she has yet to delve into the abstract or free-form in her figure paintings

Susan is an award-winning artist with a minor in Art and a teaching credential from San Francisco State University. At age l8, she studied life drawing and oils at the University of Mexico.

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