Stacey Lamothe

Stacey Lamothe creates unique hand crafted jewelry and accessories. Her ever evolving line started with copper and sterling pins depicting her dog, Frankie, and has grown to include a dozen dog images, a couple of cats, a few chickens, a horse (of course), and a handful of tiny houses. Stacey uses copper, sterling and patterned brass in her pieces. The patina process she uses coaxes the richness out of the copper and makes each piece unique. The contrast between the warm red-brown of the copper and the cool crisp sterling makes these wearable treasures noteworthy. The designs are all unique and images amusing. There are messages on many pieces and a sense of humor to all. When she’s creating in her studio, time is not relevant. She states “when I finish a piece and it can make me laugh, elicit a fond memory or inspire, then I know I’m on the right track. When I see this happening to others, I know I’ve done my job!”

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