Shoshana Bilunos








Shoshana Bilunos began working in clay in her freshman year of high school and has been playing with clay ever since. She is self-taught, but has studied many books, journals, and has taken courses with clay artists, both locally and nationally. The one thing she loves about clay is it can be both functional and artistic. It can endure generations with proper care.

Shoshana’s clay work was for her pleasure and a form of therapy for many years. About six years ago she was encouraged to show her work in public. A couple of years ago, she was invited to join the Gallery by member Lorelee Love. Shoshana brought a very special glazing technique to the Gallery:  Crystalline glaze. It is an ancient Japanese art form in which crystals form and grown inside of the kiln. This glazing process isn’t done by many artists because the fail rate of getting crystals is 80 – 90 % . There are so many variables to forming these spectacular crystals, from how the glaze is applied to where it sits in the kiln. The crystals that form are the same crystals found in nature. Shoshana finds it challenging and exciting to share this art form with those who truly love art!


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