Sherron Totter


Sherron Totter says she was born to make pottery, starting as a young child playing in the mud. She always knew from a young age what she was going to do. High school ceramics class followed, and then a Fine Arts degree from Long Beach State. She specialized in painting, ceramics, drawing, photography, sewing, decorating, and crafting. Nature and animals are a constant inspiration for her life-long passion.

Her first job was as a ceramic decorator/painter doing production work. With her skills at using a potter’s wheel, hand building, and sculpting, she decided to open her own jewelry wholesale business. Sherron loved traveling all over the country on weekends for art shows and street fairs to sell her creations. Time spent in north Florida, with the ocean at her back door, led to many works featuring sea life.

She doesn’t limit herself to one technique or application, and her creative brain is always open to the endless journey of learning new things.


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