Merridee & Keith Smith

Merridee Smith   Keith Smith

Merridee & Keith Smith use silk as their canvas. Educated as scientists, both have applied that training to an appreciation for the wonder of the world and the ability to observe closely. Merridee is inspired by nature and her particular passion is painting flowers. She says, “Silk painting is an excellent medium for capturing the colors, patterns and iridescence of flowers. While I strive to accurately render the line and structure of the plant, I do not attempt to make a copy. I apply colors using liquid dyes that flow across the silk. Brilliant colors move and blend in ways that can be unexpected and beautiful. It feels as though the dyes, silk and I are collaborating on the final painting. It can be an exhilarating experience.”

Keith became enthralled with the use of wax on silk and the Indonesian copper printing blocks known as ‘tjaps’ when he met Indonesian artists at the World Batik Conference in 2005. Since the conference he has been avidly collecting tjaps, and has become skilled in the use of wax, tjaps and dye to create bold, colorful designs. Both Keith and Merridee enjoy using traditional techniques and tools of Indonesian Batik to create modern and almost abstract effects.

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