Marilyn Rose

Painter Marilyn Rose strives to capture the essence and the illusion of beautiful forms created by light. She says, “The purpose for my art and life is to inspire others to shine their light; to help them find their inner strength by expressing what they love.”

It may be the sun washing over the contours of the land, morning light caressing a face in reverie, or the play of light and shadow on things that express something of meaning in our lives. These portraits of people, places and things have an Old World or Early California flavor that lend a feeling of timelessness, peace and a return to basics in a complicated world. Marilyn has been in an intensive, ongoing study of the principles and techniques of drawing, painting and design since 1992, whether through classes and workshops with many top level artists, books, videos and DVDs by world renowned masters, and constant mindful practice and experimentation. She has enjoyed teaching painting classes since 2006 at various Sacramento area locations. Twenty years of plein air painting has taught her to to edit and simplify her compositions to the essential idea and to work intuitively to capture a mood. Hundreds of her paintings hang in private collections across the United States and in the U.K., and she has been juried into several national and local exhibits and events.

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