Louise Bezark


Gourd artist Louise Bezark creates vessels and bowls that are designed to hold items of personal significance and small treasures. Louise took her own unique “single step” on her artists journey in 2009. Her eyes met a pearlized gourd crafted into a simple vessel. She had never seen anything like it, the gravitation was immediately intense. In that very moment, her journey of a thousand miles with gourds had begun.

Born and raised in the Sacramento Valley, Louise spent a formative part of her youth on her grandparents’ verdant farmland. Coming to revere the nutrient rich soil, prolific crops and abundant wildlife, she deeply appreciates the many opportunities to frequently observe the natural splendor of the region.

Many of her pieces depict this love of nature and as a member of the International Crane Foundation, she is committed to offering her support in the longevity of our beautiful feathered friends, and to give them life and a place of honor as an expression in her art.

Aspects of nature, her love of Asian and Indigenous cultures, comes through her work. One of the first pieces she created expresses the kanji (a system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters) “Journey” it remains one of her favorite symbols.

From her first piece, to her most recent, the process of Earth Becoming Art is a natural and satisfying expression that keeps her creative journey exciting and soul satisfying.

An award-winning artist in the California Gourd Society and the California Exposition, Fine Arts Division, Louise McGowan Bezark has been a cover featured artist in the Natomas N Magazine as well as having the honor of being selected as one of the juried contributors in the Annual Kiwanis Art Fiesta where her Grace Vessel was recruited for inclusion in the Sacramento KVIE Art Auction.

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