Louise McGowan Bezark

Louise McGowan Bezark is an accomplished artist with more than a decade of works in private collections throughout the US. Her inspirations come from color, texture and shape, from creatures large and small, mineral and animal, all around the globe. She has a passion for wildlife that graces many of her works.

Multiple processes are combined to create her gourd vessels; pyro-engraving, painting and detail carving along with her often bold use of color, negative space and texture, bringing forth the unexpected into view. She often uses metal leafing, pine needle weaving and embellishments to create cohesive and simple illustrations of life.

Her work has been recognized by the California Gourd Society and the Cal Expo, Fine Arts Division, as well as being featured on the cover of Natomas N Magazine. You will find Louise and her work at various art shows & events throughout the year.

What her clients say:

“Louise’s art is beautiful and unique. It exudes serenity and encourages introspection.”

“Louise’s vessels are exquisite – all of them. I am fortunate to own her piece entitled “Empty,” which was featured at the California State Fair. It is not only beautifully crafted, its’ spiritual essence is radiant.”

“When she creates she infuses her work with more than beauty they are infused with her heart and blessings as well. Forever a cherished gift for oneself or for a loved one.”

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