Laura Bracken

Jeweler Laura Bracken designs and hand-fabricates each piece from raw metal and other materials. When creating jewelry, she takes into consideration design, balance, wearability, comfort and durability.

She sees jewelry as an expression of our personal selves, which has two transformative properties that captivate her.

The first is when the artist transforms metals, glass, and other objects into a unique piece of jewelry. Taking a design idea and translating it from the mind to the hands to the material breathes life into her work.

The second transformation takes place when someone wears jewelry that speaks to them.  It’s like wearing a little bit of your personality on the outside where people can get a glimpse of the inner you in a subtle way.

Laura enjoys making jewelry in the tradition of the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800’s, when one person made a piece of jewelry from start to finish using a very hands-on approach. Making jewelry this way, using time-honored as well as contemporary techniques, gives the piece not only the expected high level of quality but adds that bit of the story-telling necessary in our personal accessories.

Her designs cycle through the exploration of a variety of techniques, from enamel to etching, metal clay, forging, wire work, fusing, polymer clay, and many others. She is constantly challenging herself to learn more and grow as an artist. Although one of her core beliefs is that change is inevitable and good, there are still a few design motifs that are personal favorites, including those influenced by ancient artifacts, and Japanese minimalism.

Laura is the the founder and president of the international organization for Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design.  The SRAJD designation is reserved for those artisans and craftspeople who create and sell their own work.  When you buy from an SRAJD member, you are showing support of the artist directly.

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