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Jenn Norpchen - gourd

Granite Bay gourd artist Jenn Norpchen‘s life has always been influenced by art. With a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Fine Arts, she used her background in ceramics and sculpture to meld the two mediums. She is  grateful for the left brained, intellectually stimulating world in which she spends some of her time as an architectural designer, and also for the enlightenment and creativity that allows her right brain to rise.

Jenn’s gourd art consists of a little of this, a little of that, and the whimsical characteristics of her gourds are fascinating and delightful. She is enchanted by the imperfect nature of gourds and the fact that no two are alike. The gourd is a magical canvas: its shape and patterns guide the artist to what it will become, “each piece unique”.

A gourd synthesizes what she experiences . . . a daydream during a hike, the energy release after a day at work, a funny cartoon, a good laugh, or a visit to an art museum. Jenn appreciates the elusive nature of a “Gourd Hunt” and will search for hours to find the perfect gourd.

She may carve a gourd with high-speed drills or by hand; embellish with clay or resin; “paint” with acrylics, dyes, shoe polish, water color pencils & crayons, or wax; possibly design them with armatures and housing (internal engineering) – all to create wonderful creatures that she hopes will bring happiness to those who see them.

Jenn is a recognized Award Winner for the California Gourd Society including, Welburn Gourd Show, Leiser Farms and Davis Ranch shows.

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Jenn Norpchen


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