Kelly & Janis Quinn

Kelly & Janis Quinn created their business, Other People’s Junk, from a long-time desire of Kelly’s to work with metal and build on the welding skills that he learned years ago while attending Sierra College.

Always creative, Kelly & Janis spent years landscaping their 5 acre property and renovating their home. When Kelly retired from Placer County in late 2007, metal “garden people” started showing up in their gardens and the artistic wheels where turning.

While the business started slowly, it has progressively evolved and has been met with much enthusiasm from the public. When Janis retired from the finance industry in 2012 they really kicked things up a notch and now spend many hours together building their business into an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. Now you can find the couple participating in many art festivals in Placer and Nevada Counties, and see their work in several retail locations.

The Quinns incorporate their work into everything they do, always scouting out discarded metal that can be reshaped and incorporated into metal sculpture.

Besides being intrigued at the concept of creating art from repurposed materials, they love the joy of creating art that makes people happy.  “This truly is a feel-good endeavor and something that we are grateful to be able to do for ourselves and for others.” Their passion, vivid imagination and finishing touches allow each piece to adopt its own unique and individual personality.

Purchasing a piece of metal art means making a lifetime investment as the piece will literally last forever.  “We like to remind our customers that taking something home for your home or garden translates to art that will become a family treasure as that piece is passed on through the generations of a family.”


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