Gini Crepps

Mixed media artist Gini Crepps is a native Californian, and she has lived in the Sacramento area for over 30 years. She’s been a graphic designer since 1975, and is the owner of IQ Design, Inc. She founded an art gallery (Gallery iQ) in Rocklin, which served the community & region for 7 years.

Gini has responded to color since childhood – visually and emotionally – so after 25 years of being in graphics, she finally decided to follow a heartfelt passion and start painting. Through classes and workshops, Gini began her journey discovering the what and how of painting . . . style, medium, light, value, composition, and the “magic” that makes a painting sing. What she discovered is that your medium is your voice . . . your sense of design and color is instrumental in determining your success.

Gini says, “I’ve always had an emotional response to color and texture. I feel it, see it, paint it and I find it’s not the ‘what’ of the painting, but the ‘how’. I think that is why multi media, in all its varied forms, has become so much a part of my creative journey. And there is still so much more to explore!”


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