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Connie Rodriguez is an award-winning contemporary artist from Northern California who paints in both non-objective and expressionistic styles. Connie plays with acrylic and mixed media to produce her paintings. Her work has appeared in local and international art magazines.

“I am inspired by nature, color and the notion of the time space continuum. Now retired from Jungian Psychotherapy, where I studied dreams and archetypes, I am still engaged with the image as a living entity that moves within me and finds expression through my art. Painting for me is like a dream that visits and the images that emerge come from within or perhaps from a collective field. I love the sacred and the whimsical in life,and sometimes they show up that way in my art.”

Connie received her Bachelor of Art degree in 1984 and currently has exhibits of her work in art shows, and businesses in Northern California.

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