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Neal DeVore

Wood artisan Neal DeVore knows just how to make wood come alive. Every hand-crafted piece Neal creates makes an elegant statement. There are three main features that draw people to Neal’s works. Some are interested only in pieces that are … Continue reading

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T.A. Juchau

T.A. Juchau is a woodworker who creates pieces ranging from the fanciful to the practical (and everywhere in between). Custom canes and walking sticks, desk accessories, decorator items, toys, cutlery handles, and more are made from salvaged or responsibly forested … Continue reading

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Jane Markham

Jane Markham is the “Tree Lady” of Nevada and Placer Counties, teaching kids about trees. She has an innate love for trees and wood, which carries over into her beautiful creations. Jane’s heirloom quality jewelry boxes, incense boxes, furniture, and … Continue reading

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