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Kathleen Woolsey

Kathleen Woolsey is a lifelong creator who recently fulfilled a yearning to work in metal. A brief workshop at a local maker station and a metal bequest from a fellow welder and she was off and running. Her self-directed learning … Continue reading

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Lance MacKenzie

Lance MacKenzie creates intricate works using watch parts. Cars, animals and boats are just a few of the subjects he renders with precision in this unique medium. metalsculpture

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Jessi Brooks

Jessi Brooks has delved into the arts her whole life from drawing to ceramics and now metal sculpture. Over three years ago she began learning how to create metal sculptures. Her whimsical style can be seen in her heart collages, … Continue reading

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Cherie Danzer

Cherie Danzer, a founder of the Gallery, is a multi-discipline artist whose works include painting, fine metal jewelry, Raku clay sculptures, pottery and metal sculpture. Capturing the spirit of objects around her and interpreting this spirit, in painting and clay … Continue reading

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Carol Bellamy

Carol Bellamy uses one line of wire to translate her initial sketch into its wire counterpart. The finished work takes on a unique interpretation of the drawing, plus a little whimsy. Nature inspires her and she has a fondness for … Continue reading

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