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Mary Cargile

Functional Ceramics Information Pending…. ceramix

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Dana Bilello-Barrow

Visit Dana’s web site ceramix

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Shoshana Bilunos

              Shoshana Bilunos began working in clay in her freshman year of high school and has been playing with clay ever since. She is self-taught, but has studied many books, journals, and has taken courses with … Continue reading

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Lorelee Love

Lorelee Love has been working with clay for over 20 years. She has taken many art classes in places ranging from UNR in Nevada to numerous colleges here in California. She started as a painter but has found working with clay … Continue reading

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Linda Whiteside

Linda Whiteside has been involved with the arts most of her life and has been sculpting for the past 13 years. She works primarily in clay and draws her inspiration from nature, the human spirit, and cultural differences. She makes … Continue reading

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Lana Federico

Lana Federico has been involved in the arts most all of her life and has been sculpting for the past fifteen years. She is a prominent San Francisco artist who recently moved to the Folsom area. Her work has been … Continue reading

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Terry Accomando

Terry Accomando creates functional and decorative ceramic pieces with interesting details, structure and textures. Her beautiful glazes highlight the form of her works Visit Terry’s web site ceramix

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